Preparing for the big move

After 20 years building software in the same city, it isn't exactly the most comfortable thing to pull up stakes and move the entire family to another country.

But this isn't exactly an impulsive decision. My wife and I have long hoped to have our children attend elementary school in Japan, and about 8 months ago we realized that we would need to help an aging parent, and other events since then have only cemented our resolve.

We'd been gradually coming to the conclusion that it was time to go, and so we started getting moving quotes and set things in motion. I've got no specific plans on how to make a living once there, but I'm starting to talk to people who have software development or team-building needs. At the end of the month, all our belongings will be packed up and on the way to Japan.

I am looking forward to making things work, even if the prospect of moving is a bit terrifying.

If it turns out you need something built, get in touch; I'd love to hear from you.

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